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Hu Qiheng

Hu Qiheng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, had ever served as Vice President of CAS, CAST, Chairperson of ISC (Internet Society of China), member of National Consultative Committee on Informatization, etc. In 1994, as Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who was charged with the NCFC Management Committee, she had led and organized the campaign facilitating the direct connection of NCFC to the Internet which is the first full-functional link that brought the Global Internet into China. Madam Hu had led the establishment of CAS Computer Network Information Center (CNIC) which is mandated to the Internet services and related research works. In 1997, CNIC was authorized to found the China Internet Network Information Center(CNNIC)which has provided registration services of gTLD “.CN” since then. Ms. Hu Qiheng had initiated the establishment and chaired the CNNIC Steering Committee as supervisor for the CNNIC. In 2001, she initiated the establishment of Internet Society of China (ISC) and assumed the post of its President. Under the leadership of Madam Hu, ISC as a guild has dedicated to promote the healthy development of Internet in China, facilitating the vocation communication platform, conducing the vocation self-regulation, clamping down the spam, advocating the cyberspace public welfare, and promoting the straightway communicating for disabled. Madam Hu also paid great attention to participate in the global Internet activities. She had been appointed by the UN as a member of the Working Group on Internet Governance (UN WGIG) in 2004. She had been a member of ICANN’s Internationalized Domain Name Committee. She attaches great importance to promote the mutual understanding between the Chinese Internet community and the world, as well as the international exchange and cooperation in the corresponding field.

Because of her contribution to the global Internet development , in 2013 Madam Hu was inducted in the “Internet Hall of Fame” released by the Internet Society (ISOC).