China Internet Museum


The 1980s marked a key stage for global Internet development, since at this stage key and fundamental standards of the Internet were laid down, including the DNS, TCP/IP protocol suite and the World Wide Web. It’s also at this stage that China started to connect with the Internet.

It’s not until 1994 did China realize full-functional connection to the Internet, but its actual application of the Internet began earlier than that. In early 1980s, non-governmental academic institutions in China already started information retrieval via international online information retrieval terminals based in Hong Kong and Beijing and with the help of leased satellite links. What’s more, some scholars also started to try a new way of information transmission --- the email.

Meanwhile, Chinese scientists began their exploration and practice in full-functional connection to the Internet. and the registration of China’s top-level domain .CN was accomplished. China’s access to the Internet won the support and agreement from the international Internet communities. Thanks to the concerted efforts of parties involved, China managed to open the gate to the Internet.

  1. 1980s-1993