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Liu Yunjie

Liu Yunjie, who once presided over the design, construction and operation of China’s public data network, the computer network and high-speed broadband, has laid an important foundation for the development of China’s informatization. He also presided over the construction and operation of the “Unified Multi-Service Network Platform” of China Unicom. This platform offered a feasible solution to the integration of telecommunications networks, cable TV networks and the Internet. It’s a successful practice for the next-generation network evolution and has achieved remarkable social and economic benefits. Liu won once the first-class prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, twice the first-class prize of ministerial Science and Technology Progress Award and two National Invention Patents. He has successively published 59 academic papers and seven books. Liu now works as the Dean of School of Information and Communication Engineering under Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. As the co-founder of CHINANET, Liu Yunjie was named as one of 50 outstanding figures in the global I.T. sector by the U.S. Time Magazine in 1998 (ranked 28th).