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Qian Hualin

As one of the important pioneers of China’s Internet, Qian Hualin is regarded as one of the “Two Qian” of “Forerunners of China’s Internet”. Since October 1989, Qian Hualin has participated in and presided over many large-scale network engineering projects, such as NCFC, CASnet and CSTNet. In April 1994, he took part in China’s full functional connection to the Internet. He served as the technical and administrative liaison between China and INTERNET. During his early years, Qian Hualin undertook the research on computer system construction and the development of integrated machine. From 1975 on, he has worked on the research and engineering construction on computer networks. He took the positions of vice director, researcher and PHD advisor of CAS Computer Network Information Center, in charge of network research, network engineering and network operation services. Qian Hualin has won the National Science and Technology Progress Award and the CAS Science and Technology Progress Award for more than 10 times, and is entitled to enjoy the special government allowance from the State Council. In 2014 Qian Hualin was selected into the list of Internet Hall of Fame released by Internet Society.