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Wu Jianping

Dr. Wu Jianping serves as Professor in Tsinghua University, Director of the Department of Computer Science and Technology, Director of Informatization Office of Tsinghua University, Dean of National Engineering Lab of Next Generation Internet (Institute of Network Sciences and Cyberspace) and Director of Department of Information Technology Center. Dr. Wu used to serve as Chairman of Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN). In the past two decades, he has conducted projects related to China Next Generation Internet program, and focused on key network equipment development, Internet Architecture and Protocol Theory. Dr. Wu awarded second-class prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award for 3 times and third-class prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award once, as well as one National Technical Invention. Dr. Wu pleted 3 IETF international standards. He has gained 19 National Invention Patents. In 2010, Dr. Wu was awarded with Jonathan B. Postel Service Award. Only 15 people in the world won the prize presently and he is the first Chinese scholar to win it.