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China Internet Museum is established upholding the principles of “Inclusiveness and Joint Efforts”, and it tells stories from three dimensions including people, things and objects in the past 20 years of Internet development in China. It calls on the public and relevant organizations for materials collection. Please take action and join in. Let us work together to build China Internet Museum.

1. Materials

We are calling for materials that can match with the content planning of the museum, such as videos, images, texts or any other forms (including physical and electronic information) in relation to the 20 years development of the Internet in China.

2. Scope

This collection campaign is set to be a worldwide gathering operation. Each organization, social group and every person can participate. It will be public long-term-oriented collection event, and we will regularly send letters to organizations to ask for collections.

3. Requirements

(1) Meet the requirements of museum (Including but not limited to Chinese Internet technology, economy, policy, history, culture etc. and relevant historical materials, items, technical introduction and application schemes) 
(2) Brief literal introduction is necessary 
(3) Exhibitions are compatible with every language, but footnotes in Chinese and English are necessary
(4) Please note the source of the materials, and contributor’s name and contact information

4. Submission

(1) If it is an object, please mail it to the addresses below:
China Internet Museum Working Group 
Address: Building 1, Software Park, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 4 South 4th Street,Zhongguancun, Beijing
POB: Beijing 349, Branch 6, CNNIC Postcode: 100190
(2) If it is a video, image, texts or other electronic materials, please submit via the following method:
Submit materials onto or http://互联网博物馆.中国
Join campaigns on the official China Internet Museum Blog @中国互联网博物馆, and submit materials required