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Gao Xinmin

Gao Xinmin – executive vice chairman of Internet Society of China

Research fields: informatization development strategy and planning, applied technologies of e-government and e-business

Graduated from the Electrical Engineering Department of former Kalinin Polytechnic Institute of Soviet Union in 1961, currently St.Petersburg State Polytechnic University, he is an electrical engineer with a Master’s Degree. He has worked in the research institutes affiliated to Ministry of Water Resources& Electric and Ministry of Power Industry for a long time. He has been engaged in the research and development of the application of computer technology in the power grid. He served as technician, engineer, department chief and deputy director of research institutes.

Gao was transferred to the government agency later and has been engaged in the technology management and policy research. He served as deputy director of science and technology division under National Energy Commission, deputy director and chief engineer of science and technology division under National Economy Commission. When holding the post of economic counselor in the Chinese embassy in Federal Republic of Germany, he took charge of the technology import and the investigation of international economic and trade affairs. After returning home from abroad, he worked in the foreign affairs department and the training center under the National Development and Reform Commission, then served as director of National Information Center. He also served as a member of Joint Conference of State Council National Economy Informatization after it was established in 1993, as well as a former member of the Leading Group for State Council Informatization.