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  • Chen Jia’er

    Develop the Internet and promote informationization.

  • Fu Qingming

    The Internet is changing our life and the society. Wish it would bring us a better future.

  • Gao Lulin

    Be a witness to Internet development in China and contribute to the popularization and development of Internet technology.

  • Hu Daoyuan

    Emancipate the mind, stay enterprising, and build a window to showcase Internet development history and culture in China.

  • Hu Qiheng

    When looking back to the footprints on the road of network development in China, the history and the truth was recorded and will be handed down to generations. --- congratulations on the launch of China Internet Museum.

  • Huang Xiangyang

    Remember the past, envision the future.

  • Ning Yutian

    Make China Internet Museum a driving force behind scientific & technological innovation and social progress.

  • Qian Hualin

    Summarize the past and create the future.

  • Qu Chengyi

    a message sent on the 17th anniversary of the founding of CNNIC --- Warm congratulations on the 17th anniversary of the return of .CN domain name to China. As a participant in Internet development in China in the past 17 glorious years, I warmly congratulate on the launch of China Internet Museum, and sincerely wish the Internet industry a thriving and more prosperous future in China.

  • Wu Hequan

    Record the history and create the future of Internet.

  • Zhang Xinghua

    Do a good job in building China Internet Museum and contribute to popularizing Internet knowledge.

  • Zhao Xiaofan

    Build China Internet Museum into a platform showcasing the glorious history of Internet in China.

  • Zheng Haojun

    Record Internet development and look forward to the beautiful information age.

  • Xu Rongsheng

    To review the history of Internet development in China, would contribute to inspire us how to build our nation to a true cyber power.