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He Dequan

He Dequan – deputy director of Advisory Committee for State Informatization

Research fields: research and development of information systems, protection technology for network information security, new display and processing technology, information optics and chemistry.

He Dequan graduated from Department of Physics, Peking University in 1953. He ever presided over many national research projects and the construction of major information systems projects. He is a famous information technology and security expert in China. From 1970, he took part in the construction of the third line project. From1983, he successively held the posts of director of Institute of Electronics Technology and Application, director of Beijing Institute of Information Technology Application, and a member of Scientific and Technological Commission under Ministry of Electronics Industry. In 1994, he was elected as academician in the first batch of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Since the 1990s, he has been committed to the development and technological innovation research on the network information security, making great contributions to the theory and practice of China’s Internet development and security. In 1997, he, serving as a member of Leading Group of the State Council Informatization and the leader of the information security expert team, presided over the first batch of information security technology research projects and organized the information security strategy research of “863 Program”. He won more than 10 awards including the second prize of State Award for Inventions, the national and provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards.

He currently serves as deputy director of Advisory Committee for State Informatization, a member of Supervision Commission of “863 Program", leader of network and information security expert group of the Office of State Council Informatization, director of the management commission of national information security evaluation and certification and honorary Dean of School of Information Security Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.