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Hu Daoyuan

Hu Daoyuan- Professor and PhD Advisor of Tsinghua University

Research fields: Computer network and network security, etc.

In 1983, he went to UCLA of America as a visiting scholar for studying Internet technology and applications. In 1984, he began to establish Tsinghua Campus Network, which was the first information service campus network of China with high speed of 100Mb/s. In 1994, he participated in the construction of NCFC, which helped China to access to the international Internet with full functions. In 1996, he led scientific and technical personnel of Tsinghua University to submit the unified transmission standard for Chinese characters with Chinese code, which was approved as RFC1922 by IETF and became the first international Internet standard of China accepted by IETF. He presided over the drafting of the national standard of Classified Criteria for Security Protection of Computer Information System (GB17859-1999) in 1999, and contributed a lot to the network security industry of China.

He is now a Senior Consultant of China Education and Research Network, a Chinese representative of Techniques Committee 6 of International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP-TC6), and a member of the first and second Expert Committee of National Informatization Office. He advocated establishing the network with Internet system structure and standard, and led the research and establishment of the first computer integrated manufacturing system network in China during the research and establishment of High-Tech 863 Program-National CIMS-ERC. The technology strategy proposed by him played a pivotal role in integrated environment construction of CIMS-ERC.