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Qu Chengyi

Qu Chengyi–member of Science and Technology Commission of China Aerospace Engineering Consultant Center

Research Field: information security

Qu served as deputy director and chief engineer of No. 701 Research Institute under China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. He currently holds the posts of a member of Science and Technology Commission under China Aerospace Engineering Consultant Center, a member of Advisory Committee for State Informatization, a member of information security development and strategy expert group of national “863 Program”, deputy director of network expert commission under China Computer Federation, a member of E-government expert commission under Chinese Academy of Governance, and counselor of Beijing government informatization affairs.

Qu was engaged as a member of “nine-person expert group” in CNNIC Steering Committee in 1996. He has presided over the construction of a lot of large-scale information system engineering projects for many years, as well as engaged in the project research on information technology and information security technology. He also served as counselor of national informatization strategy and planning and one of drafters of “2006-2020 China's Informatization Development Strategy”. He won seven awards including the first and second prize of the ministerial Science and Technology Progress Award, and the title of “Expert with Outstanding Contribution”. Qu also published many books and papers.