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Wu Hequan

Wu Hequan—Incumbent president of Internet Society of China, former vice chairman and academician of China Academy of Engineering

Research field: optical fiber transmission network and broadband information network

In 1964, Wu Hequan graduated from Wuhan Institute of Posts and Tel munications, and then dedicated to the R&D and project management of digital munication and optical fiber munication system. He successively held the posts of senior engineer, vice president and chief engineer of Tel munication Science and Technology Institute under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and vice president of Datang Group. In 2002, he won Science and Technology Award of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation. In 2011, he worked as the chairman of IoT Expert Committee of Chinese Institute of Electronics. In 2015, he was nominated for “2014 Annual Figure of China Internet”.

Currently, he also holds the posts of vice director of 863 Program Supervisory Committee, member of 973 Program Expert Advisory Group, advisor of the Committee on Communication Science and Technology of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, senior advisor of the Committee of Science and Technology of the State Administration of PPRFT and vice chairman of China Institute of Communications. As the director of projects under 863 Program, he was the first to develop PCM30 drop multiplexing equipment, STH-1/STM-4 multiplexing equipment, 155/622 MB/sSDH optical fiber munication systems, etc., chaired the management of 8x2.5 Gb/s WDM optical munication system, and developed optical munication demonstration project.

Now he took the positions of chief engineer of new generation broadband wireless mobile munication network, and chairman of CNGI Expert Committee. He attended ITU-T Network Standard Team Meetings for many consecutive years, and participated in the research on national major technology policy and the drafting of national medium- and long-term program for science and technology development. He won the second prize of National Scientific & Technological Progress Awards and has published one monograph.