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Yan Baoping

Yan Baoping: former director of Computer Network Information Center, director of office of the Informatization Leading Group under Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Fields: computer network, information system engineering, large-scale scientific database technology

Yan received her master’s degree in computer network from Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 1981, and Ph.D. degree in systems engineering at Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1992. In the same year, she performed her post-doctoral research in the CAS National Research Center for Intelligent Computing System. She served as Vice President of Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd in 1994, a national well-known high-tech computer technology enterprise. In 1997, she served as director of Computer Network Information Center and director of the office of CAS Informatization Leading Group, presiding over writing of “CAS Informatization planning during the 10th Five-Year Plan period” and “CAS Informatization planning during the 11th Five-Year Plan period” and carrying them out. From 2006 to now, she held the posts of chief engineer of CAS Computer Network Information Center, director of CAS informatization expert commission, researcher and doctoral supervisor. Currently, she serves as executive deputy director of CAS expert commission of CAS Scientific Database, executive director of Internet Society of China, executive director of China Computer Users Association, director of Internet Society (ISOC), and a member of Advisory Commission of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Yan has been engaged in the research, development and engineering construction in the fields such as computer network, information system engineering and large-scale scientific database technology. She has completed research topics including “the analysis and design of computer network system”, “research and implementation of industrial automation and CIMS network technology”, “the workstation cluster system based on ATM technology”, “standard engineering management on large-scale network and system integration", and “Internet/Intranet integrated information management system”. She took part and presided over dozens of national, industrial and regional important network engineering and informatization construction projects.

In recent years, Yan has presided over several national “863 Program” projects including “network management and information security system”, “construction of large-scale scientific database in high-performance computing environment”, and “collection and analysis system for network information”; the major project sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China -- “NSFCNet” CAS node construction, which carried out the research on the next-generation Internet technology and its application; the CAS major international cooperative project “the universal science and education network (GLORIAD) of China, Russia and the United States”. She also participated in the planning and construction of core network of CNGI project approved by the National Development and Reform Commission; “China’s basic scientific data center” and “general study and design of network technology environment” approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MST) of China; the MST’s major project for science popularization “China’s digital science and technology museum” and “science experience pavilion”. Yan also took charge of launching the first online virtual museum in China – Science Museums of China. The website was awarded as China’s excellent culture website in 2004 by Ministry of Culture and the national excellent website for science popularization in 2005 by the China Association for Science and Technology and the Internet Society of China. It also won the UN World Summit Award in 2005.