China Internet Museum


The six years following the full-functional access to the Internet is the Foundation-Laying Stage of China’s Internet development. At this stage, directed by the principles of developing actively, enhancing management, drawing on the advantages and avoiding disadvantages as well as absorbing the quintessence for ourselves, China’s construction of the Internet infrastructure and the deployment of critical Internet resources went on the right track. Chinese netizen scale had reached a 10-million order of magnitude,the application services represented by portal websites marked the beginning of Internet innovation and entrepreneurship. Internet management shifted from mere puter network management to Internet information service management.

  1. 1994

    1994: The First Year of the Internet in China

    As the saying goes, only after hardships and dangers could accomplishment be achieved. China’s lasting efforts to gain access to the Internet eventually succeeded on April 20...

  2. 1995
  3. 1996
  4. 1997
  5. 1998
  6. 1999

    1999: The Year of Internet Media

    In 1999, global Internet wave reached the peak. This year saw the largest size of IPO (initial public offerings) by US Internet companies and over 200 technology companies went public...